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SoulMale is a fun and fresh gay dating & friendship app for Android and iPhone.

It's free to download and use - unlike many other popular dating apps SoulMale is completely free.

SoulMale is about dating, relationships and friendships - not hookups.

Make Friends

Finding friends in a new place that you've just moved to can be hard. We want to make that easier for people.

SoulMale is as much about finding friends and participating in the community, as it is about dating.

If you are already in a relationship then SoulMale is perfect for making new friends. Post messages and pictures in the feed to discover people with similar interests.

Back To Basics

Gay dating apps have acquired an image of being seedy or only made for hookups. We've taken the meaning of dating back to basics and actively discourage the use of SoulMale for hookups.

We are attempting to rebuild what we think a gay dating app should be from the ground up.

Dating Without Discrimination

We are strongly opposed to any form of hate or discrimination. SoulMale does not use race filters of any kind.

Take a stand against apps that use race filters.

Half a Social Network

SoulMale is half social network and half a dating app.

By combining the two we've created a space where people can get to know each other better outside of personal messaging.

Much More...

SoulMale is new to the gay dating world. We are learning and making changes that the community want to see within gay dating apps. Why not hop on the app and see what we've built so far?

We are interested in hearing your point of view, so why not send us over an email with your ideas.


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